Everyone interested in Aikido can come for 2 free trials.


The annual fee is

  • 110€ for childrens,
  • 120€ for teenagers,
  • 125€ for students and unemployed,
  • 140€ for adults.

You can pay cash (please top up) or by check. On demand, payment can be effectuated on two time.


To be valid your inscription must include:

  1. A passport photo (for those who don’t have any in their Aikido passport),
  2. The settlement of the fee,
  3. The medical certificate.

You’ll also need to fill the appropriate following form:

Medical certificate

You must bring a medical certificate of non-cons to the practice of Aikido

Without, it will not be possible to come on the tatami beyond the two trial lessons !

If you’ve been practicing with us during previous season or prior, you need to fill the health questionnaire form.


If you come in order to try, take something comfortable like a jogging suit.

However, if you decide to stay, you’ll need a keikogi (kimono). A keikogi for Judo or Karate is perfect.

No need to take special suit “designed” for Aikido.

Is there a particular way to fold the kimono or hakama?

Yes there is ! And a lot of them, here you can see the most common keikogi (kimono) folding: Kimono and here the classic hakama one: Hakama

(You don’t have to learn them by heart)

Credit: FFAB

Is there an official Aïkido handbook?

Yes, you can read it here and download it here. but bear in mind that this document is not translated at the moment and is consequently in French.